martedì 13 dicembre 2011

THE BEATLES - THE BEATLES' STORY (a narrative and musical biography of beatlemania)

Lato a)
  1. On stage with the Beatles
  2. How beatlemania began
  3. Beatlemania in action
  4. Man behind the Beatles - Brian Epstein
  5. John Lennon
  6. Who's a millionaire?

Lato b)
  1. Beatles will be Beatles
  2. Man behind the music - George Martin
  3. George Harrison

Lato c)
  1. A hard day's night - their first movie
  2. Paul McCartney
  3. Sneaky haircuts and more about Paul

Lato d)
  1. The Beatles look at life
  2. "Victims" of beatlemania
  3. Beatle medley
  4. Ringo Starr
  5. Liverpool and all the world!

cover (Capitol-Apple - STBO 2222) usa reissue
look at commenti

Capitol-Apple - STBO 2222
look at commenti

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